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Save Cambodia Ambassador

A Save Cambodia ambassador serves to promote the organization's mission by highlighting, preserving, and spreading the Cambodian tradition and culture. They embody the corporate identity in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics. save Cambodia Ambassadors also aim to shatter separation between race, gender, and social standing by promoting the belief of a common ground between all nations and administering the Cambodian cultural themes of compassion and empathy.


What does it mean to be a Save Cambodia ambassador?

To be a Save Cambodia Ambassador, one must reflect the values and integrity of the organization.

  • No inappropriate postings on your account or any other account of yours that can be lead back to you.

  • Our values of Save Cambodia are open-mindedness, integrity, courage, resilience, and diplomacy.

  • You must promote the organization's motto, message, and maintain the values and morals of the organization.

  • Have a full understanding that every mission and activity are connected to the idea of "The white thread".



Primary skills/traits of a Save Cambodia ambassador.

As you gain experience, you can provide feedback or information about your communities and how we can get better involved.

  • Basic communication skills

  • Understand the art of tact and diplomacy

  • enthusiasm for the cause

  • Positive character

  • Learn how to strengthen networking skills

  • Ability to gain feedback

  • provide insightful innovations



What can a Save Cambodia ambassador do (activities)?

  • Ambassadors can create and share posts for, and about Save Cambodia, that promotes SAVE Cambodia's cause

  • Once a higher level ambassador, one can create approved fundraisers to support Save Cambodia.

  • Ambassadors can also attend events in representation of Save Cambodia, with approval.

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Training and Materials Required

Responsibilities, rules, and regulations

  • Mobile device that has access to wifi or cellular data.
  • Photo editing app (only needed for photos)
    • Know information about Photo Releases.
  • Social media applications
    • Active on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
    • Basic social media etiquette
    • Know what to post and what not to post.
  • Be in good standing with Save Cambodia
  • Don't post inappropriate posts, if you have to question it, then don't.
  • Be respectful
  • Be mindful of photos taken in public
  • Monitor discussions and online posts
  • For higher level, for events, create a proposal and submit to Save Cambodia for review at least a month before event date.

If you have any questions or would like to be a Save Cambodia Ambassador, please email us at