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Save Cambodia Fundraising & Cultural Tour


Why Tour with Save Cambodia?

As we inspire Cambodians -- domestically and globally -- to Stand to Rise and preserve their nation's identity, we want to inspire you to understand Cambodia's value to us by providing a private tour. While you explore this cultural tour, you will observe the great civilization's establishment and enhancement from the Angkor empire (802 CE - 1431 CE), up to the nation's dark and harrowing accounts it encountered during the Khmer Rouge (1975-1979), displaying the challenges left behind for today's generation of Cambodians to overcome. Throughout this journey, you will experience the beauty behind the meaning of Stand to Rise and incite the hopes and inspiration it possesses to influence the world.

Price: $1700 (not including air fare)

Name of Tour: Meet Cambodia - A Cultural Exploration

Group Size: Minimum 10

Travel Date: September 12-21, 2017

Detailed itinerary, view Travel Club International(Please note the itinerary is still making minor changes)

Contact Sherry Kumar regarding travel arrangements, documentation and payments.

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*** Your 10-day tour price includes the following: Hotel, food, transportation,  PHD tour guides, tickets to all events and site visits, and 2 kids' bikes.

Meet Cambodia: A Cultural Exploration

Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Angkor Wat

Explore the world’s largest religious monument site and the nation’s most popular tourist attraction. Witness the remnants and unique 12th century architecture of the great Khmer Empire that once thrived.

Angkor Thom

Angkor Thom

Travel back in time to Angkor Thom, the last capital city of the great Khmer Empire. Inside its gates and walls lie magnificent ancient structures such as the Bayon, Terrace of the Elephants and more. See where King Jayavarman VII resided and ruled over his once powerful and wealthy empire.


Banteay Srei.JPG

Banteay Srei

Discover a 10th century Hindu temple complex known for its highly elaborate details and style. It is the only ancient temple at Angkor not built by a monarch and its uniqueness led the complex to be referred to as the “jewel of Khmer art.”

Photo Credit: Aaron Santos

Photo Credit: Aaron Santos

Phare Circus

Witness the remarkable show from the Cambodian circus, incorporating performances that tell stories of creative and innovative genres with young, enthusiastic, talented artists. More than an ordinary circus, the unique and breathtaking art depicts the blend of historical, folk, and modern society.

Tonle Sap.jpg

Tonle Sap

Southeast Asia’s largest source of freshwater is home to a harmonic ecosystem and human occupation, entailing unique lives out on the waters. The lake’s vital resource provides irrigation systems and yields the fish that supplies the population’s half of its protein and also acts as one of the most important transportation links.

Phnom Kulen.jpg

Phnom Kulen

This magnificent National Park is considered as the birthplace of the great Khmer Empire, covered in luscious forests and waterfalls, ultimately giving the landmark its cultural, religious, and archaeological significance to Cambodia

Sacred Dancers of Angkor

Experience the authentic Khmer Angkorian heritage through the graceful movements of the Apsara dancers. These professional dancers undergo intense years of training and come from humble backgrounds, expressing the beauty of their legacy and culture.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.jpg

Tuol Sleng, Genocide Museum

Visit the infamous high school turned security prison (S-21) that once held ~17,000 people of which seven are known to have survived. Galleries and memorabilia now occupy the classrooms while others are left in a preserved state - a testament to the horrors that occurred during the regime.

Khmer Rouge Skulls 1280x960.jpg

Cheung Ek, Killing Fields

Learn about the extermination site that was used during the Khmer Rouge Regime. Mass graves and a Buddhist stupa containing more than 5,000 human skulls are among the sights. It is a somber location preserving grisly memories of pain, loss and immense human devastation.

Khmer Artisanry.jpg

Khmer Artisanry

Discover 100% natural silks and cotton fabrics made from traditional hand looms. Reviving age-old weaving and natural dyeing processes, their weavers - comprised of young, old, disabled and widowed women - are empowered through their new found skills and cultural preservation. Their quality products aim to sustain cultural pride and improve rural life.

Khmer Silk Island

Koh Dach offers a look into the arduous production of silk from silkworms to the hand looming process. A small shop nearby sells exquisite silk and cotton scarves, including traditional Khmer kramas. These items are not just for fashion, but are also essential to the continued preservation of historical Khmer textiles.

Seeing Hands Massage Center

Experience soothing massages by blind masseurs trained overseas with many having earned diplomas and certificates in massage. Choose from a variety of relaxing massages and treatments while supporting the livelihoods and autonomy of the masseurs.

Wat Phnom.jpg


Constructed in 1372, this Buddhist temple is the tallest religious structure in Phnom Penh and serves as the central point of the city. Experience where history and legend collides.

National Cambodian Museum.jpg

CAMBODIAN National Museum

Phnom Penh’s central art museum houses an estimated 1,877 works of art dating back to different periods of time such as prehistoric, pre-Angkorian and Angkorian. Despite a history of neglect and partial destruction during turbulent times, the museum strongly stands as a remarkable exhibition and public archive of ancient, religious and traditional Khmer arts and craftsmanship.

Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia

KC Kids

The people

2.5 hours drive north of Phnom Penh will bring you to Kampong Cham Province to visit a primary school or visit the villagers, and undertake some activities with the community such as engage in community development, make donations, assist in painting the classrooms and tables, and/or to teach them basic hygiene and health in a series of games. This is a great way to visually see and hear from the authentic people of Cambodia. (The activities are subject to change based on group’s budget for this activities)

Red Banana

Wider in size and shorter in length, these red bananas can be found all over Cambodia, notably the Kampong Cham province. They are more sweeter and said to have more nutrients than regular yellow bananas.