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Our Priorities

The concept of preserving an identity is defined by working in solidarity to promote cultural pride, socioeconomic and sustainable development, and international relations. Save Cambodia believes each priority is beneficial and key in achieving long term progression for the nation.



Highlighting and spreading awareness of the beauty and positivity of the cultural heritage of Cambodia of its past and present customs, beliefs and traditions.


Market Grocery


Developing long term sustainable projects that will help develop reusable skills to obtain and maintain jobs now and in the future.


International Relations

Establishing international relationships to give a deeper awareness of cultural perspectives other than one's own. Providing a platform for individuals to contribute towards international conversations, understanding the importance of diplomacy, and extending awareness towards the most effective and efficient path for a favorable outcome.


How we work

Our method works by instilling our values of open-mindedness, integrity, courage, resilience, and diplomacy in everything we do. Our initiatives can be as small as community involvement activities with the Khmer community in Philadelphia, to as big as our next project which will be the creation of more jobs within Cambodia and The United States.

Adolescents and youth

Bridging local, national, and international communities through a human rights-based and sustainable development goals approach, and promoting the Cambodian culture.

Community development

Engaging communities in outreach programs and developing social transformation between and support with local law enforcement and city officials, develop small sustainable development projects within the village/community.

Gender Equality

Advocating equality among all genders economically, socially and culturally.

Water, sanitation, and Hygiene

We aim to give health education and daily hygiene practices to prevent diseases.


Hand washing demonstration in Takeo Province, Cambodia.


Get Involved

Make an impact by contributing through the variety of opportunities we have available. Be a part of preserving a nation's culture, tradition, and identity by promoting our universal core values.