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Volunteering for Save Cambodia does not only give me the opportunity to help the children in my community but it also offers self-empowerment and bravery that inspires the youth through our ability to make an impact in our country. Most importantly, Save Cambodia helped me come to the realization that the primary characters of value and integrity are fundamental to progress as an individual and as a community.
– Sokunthearoth, Cambodia, 22.
The best way to feel great is to get up and do something. Don't wait! When you go out and do things for other, you will fill your world with hope, and you will fill yourself with hope.
- Dave, PA, USA, 24.
Save Cambodia provides me the opportunity to communicate and work amongst professionals and fields that I would not typically encounter in standard volunteer work. Critical skills, knowledge, and experience acquired from my time with SC allows me to apply it to relevant domains such as school and real-life careers. The flexibility and time in this organization make it a friendly environment for students to volunteer, as they are willing to work with you. Your efforts and contributions put into the organization make a difference in communities within the United States and internationally. The preservation and development of an entire nation’s culture and its people provides insight on the significant details; definitely an eye-opening experience!
- Kossamak, North Carolina, USA, 17.
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Whether helping to spread our message, performing administrative tasks, building and running events, or engaging in the international arena, volunteers are an integral part of the Save Cambodia family.

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